Reopening of Madina Warsame School (Mogadishu)
We restarted again Madina Warsame Primary School in Mogadishu.

Implement of Madina Warsame farm school center.


Visits to two - three years ago jointly by the members of "A School for Life" and the local partner "Madina Warsame" in rural areas around Mogadishu, particularly along the Shabelle River, which flows west of Mogadishu, have marked the severe situation of the families whose production is strongly influenced by natural events and little knowledge of cultivation.

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The expected results are:

  • Construction of a permanent space for education and training.
  • Activation of the classes of kindergarten, elementary and middle for 80 children and youngsters.
  • Setting up a course of education and vocational training (Weaving and sewing) for 20 adult women.
  • Improving the lives of adult women.
  • Setting up a literacy course for 20 young adults.


Education in refugee camp

The closure of Madina Warsame Primary and Secondary School and kindergarten, because of Ethiopian troop's bombings, has not prevented our organization to continue the business of training and education of boys and girls displaced from Mogadishu..

Where set up spaces in refugee camps where school teachers can carry out their activities allowing children to attend school.

Somalia because?

Somalia is today a country that needs help, because it is going adrift.

"Una Scuola per la vita" Association created to bring hope to this land from the children. In one of the poorest neighborhoods of Mogadishu, has organized a school for basic training and built a well for drinking water. He endowed the school in a multi-clinic. In the district healthcare was totally absent.

Unfortunately continue to hear news of war and the situation in Somalia is an ongoing process. In news you can read real-time announced by the various news agencies: a practical way to follow the events.

PROMOTE A SCHOOL is a first, indispensable brick to bet on a future of greater justice for all.

Education as the food for eating, it is the indefeasible right of every person. It helps to know oneself, to appreciate and to appreciate their own culture, to be confused with others.

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